The kits are ready to be installed to control overhead doors, automatic doors, electric locks, alarm systems, lift buttons, etc.
It provides kits consisting of: anti-vandal keyboard and remote control unit, electronic keys already stored in the remote control unit and external anti-vandal reader, proximity reader, TAG and remote control unit. For quantities it can be made according to customer requests.


Composed by:

  • DIGITEN anti-vandalism keypad et remote controller
  • C 408, 1 channel, 60 codes, 10 ÷ 30 V ac/dc

C 408 KIT

Composed by:

  • control-box C 408 for 60 users,
  • 1 channel, 10 ÷ 30 V ac/dc
  • 1 reader for electronic keys
  • Electronic keys already stored in the controller


Composed by:

  • PROXYPASS proximity reader
  • n°2 TAG 2 proximity tags
  • C 408 control-box, 1 relay, 60 users
  • Power supply: 10 – 28 V ac/dc


    • 12 Vdc powered kit for manual control of pedestrian transit
    • The suitability for entry is indicated with a green light or the stop with a red light
    • Radio command for activating the traffic lights, one external and one internal
    • MINILIGHT traffic lights are small in size, easy to install, excellent visibility
    • Long range 433.92Mhz TAC2KR radio remote control
    • Two-channel TAC 12 RKA PLUS outdoor receiver with stainless steel

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